FIND THE CODE, COLLECT THE CLUES, AND ESCAPE! Special Escape Room Experience in Seoul

Special Escape Room Experience in Seoul

If you are a fan of puzzle solving movies such as The Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones, or if you like brainstorming experience, do not miss Escape Room in South Korea!
All you need to prepare are keen observation, patience, calm, creativity, logical thinking, a good memory, teamwork spirit and sometimes flexibility.
Even though it sounds uneasy, this could be an amazing and exciting plan for your friends or partners. In this blog, I will share my experience with on of the most interesting and mysterious Escape rooms in Seoul.

[What is Escape Room?]

The origin of Escape room is a Japanese video game named ‘Crimson Room’, which was developed in 2004. Players have to collect clues and solve puzzles around the room in order to escape with limited time. This brain-teaser game was so exciting and enjoyable that it became so popular across Asia. After that, the idea of breaking out from a locked room spread through Europe then around the world. The video game version turned into live Escape room nowadays, which could be found in any city. The live version of Escape room is a group game, which requires more than 2 people to be locked in a room and try to figure out the codes to escape, by utilizing their teamwork and puzzle solving skills. The game become more and more interesting when creators came up with so many creative scenarios, together with various kinds of stories and characters. The role playing part is fascinating, the action part is so thrilling and the puzzle solving part is so intensely joyful that participants would want to come back for more new adventures. There are over 30 Escape rooms in Seoul, among that over 10 that have English version of every scenario. The stories varies from horror, thriller to action. Therefore, either you are traveling or living in Korea, this would be one of the coolest memories you should have.

[Breakout Escape Room]

I have been to quite a lot of Escape rooms, but last weekend was the first time I had a chance to try a new way of playing this game. I found Breakout Escape Room website when I was trying to look for a good scenario to play with my friend, who is also an Escape room expert searching for a good game to play in Korea. We decided to try this one because as being said on their website, we could choose among 8 characters/or ability to help us get through the whole game. The abilities including extending time, using flashlight, breaking code, killing and healing, and foreseeing the future. Each player can have one to two ability which help us getting hints and solve the codes. Unlike any Escape room I tried before, the scenarios that we played, required also physical skills and contacting through a walkie talkie. One scenario would include 3~4 rooms with tons of difficult puzzles to challenge your team. We chose the Cerebrum scenario, which is the most difficult story there. The story required us to enter separately in different rooms, and use the walkie talkie to communicate the clues we found in order to unlock the doors for each other. The most difficult thing about this is when you have to describe what you see to the other person and figure the codes out together. The puzzles were also very creative and uncommon in most other places. After the game, we were left with the joy of successful and achievement, even we could not finish to the end. Apart from Escape room experience, you can also take a lot of interesting pictures by putting on the accessories for free. I was so in love with the time bender necklace, which is not only beautiful, but also made me feel so powerful. If you are an Escape room fan, Breakout should worth your try.

For more information, I will leave their website here: https://breakoutescapegame.com/

It is located in Hongdae area, which is close to Hongik university.

Also, there are some Escape room chains with English scenarios that you can try below:

http://seoul-escape.com/ (Seoul escape room)

http://keyescape.com/web/home.php (Key Escape)





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